Eric Hunter, President at Ascena Retail Group, Plus Fashion Segment
“Executive Coach Extraordinaire” is the best way to describe Darren Overfield. I was fortunate enough to have Darren facilitate a full 360 development program followed by over two years of monthly touch bases.  He’s helped me hone my leadership skills – continuing to exploit my strengths while helping me recognize areas for improvement.  It was a challenging process but in the end, Darren made me a stronger executive.  I can’t recommend Darren enough for those who are committed to their executive development or the development of a senior executive team.

Guillermo Beade, SVP, President Europe & Latin America at SC Johnson
I have been working with Darren in a deep dive and coaching process for a time now. He helped me to get very valuable insight and supported my development with a rigorous process. Darren adds tremendous value by spending time in knowing me, my team and the entire organization. He became my trusted partner and confidant. I strongly recommend Darren if you are looking for a high integrity, best in class leadership consultant that can co-create with you a bespoke plan, tailored to your needs.

Edwin Underwood, Chief Operating Officer at Marsh Furniture
I worked with Darren for nearly two years on a 360 assessment and a leadership development plan tailored to my goals. I found his insights to be refreshing and frank. He framed development opportunities in ways that inspired me to improve. He anchored his counsel with real-world experience while focusing on my potential.

Darren deftly highlighted the connection between intention, perception, and reality. He was personally invested in helping me achieve results, holding both me and himself accountable for progress throughout the engagement. I found Darren’s feedback to be spot on. His ability to see through the peripheral “noise” to the heart of a developmental point sets him apart from other executive coaches I’ve worked with. Darren is a professional, well prepared for meetings while remaining approachable and affiliative.

I highly recommend Darren for those who want to be a better leader and teammate.

Matt McInnis, Principal at Front Street Capital, LLC
Darren is an outstanding executive coach — I cannot endorse him strongly enough. I spent a little over three years working with Darren, which happened to be some of the most significant transitional years of my life – both personally and professionally. Darren was able to help me navigate some incredibly difficult situations and was both a confidant and coach. Meeting with Darren helped me recognize my strengths and tendencies, and most importantly my weaknesses. He was able to provide constructive criticism when warranted and was especially effective at helping me shed the unimportant dynamics related to any situation and focus on the big picture to help me move forward and make progress. Our time together resulted in me having a much clearer grasp of my options and clarity around the best next step(s) to accomplish that goal. My work with Darren included workshops tailored to help me be the most effective during the following periods: the transition of leading my family business, decision making related to the long term strategy of the company, the difficult and challenging process of selling the company, a full year extended merger process, and ultimately working on presenting my story during the search to find a new career opportunity. Every step was easier and more successful because of my time spent with Darren.

Bryan Kelley, Chief Financial Officer at Saturday Knight Limited
Darren is a professional, organized, and inspirational partner who guided me to becoming a better leader, mentor, and person. Having never experienced a professional coaching session before, he provided a clear path to focus on what is important to me and my career. His ability to understand me, allowed for honest, candid, yet rewarding conversations in breaking through some self-imposed limits in my professional career and personal life I was encountering as a younger executive. His monthly follow-up conversations kept me moving forward as I worked through different challenges. He helped create a plan for my success while challenging me to look within myself for solutions to everyday issues and opportunities. At the end of our year-long journey, I am a much different leader, mentor, person than I ever imagined possible.

Patricio Greco, Vice President and General Manager Southern Cone at S.C. Johnson
Darren has been an outstanding help to improve my performance as a leader. Darren helped me link “who I am” with “how I perform” better than other executive coaches I’ve worked with previously. He dedicated extraordinary time getting to really know me and then connect with what he heard from others from interviews he conducted. He always stayed in touch with me, helped me understand the environment I work in and helped me build a very robust development plan that helped me up my game significantly. Darren`s style is very approachable which helps him connect with clients and build trust in the relationship. I believe Darren is a great coach and would recommend him to anyone I care about for his/her personal and professional development.

Eric Sinz, VP – Packaging at ConAgra
Darren has worked with our team for three years and has been an excellent resource! He is engaging and has an ability to synthesize a complicated topic/discussion into simple details and deliverables. He has truly made me a better leader and our team a much more effective team. I would highly recommend Darren and will continue working with him throughout my career.

Eric Manten, Director, HR Execution Excellence at Fluor Corporation
During several sessions, Darren provided excellent feedback and guidance on my strengths and improvement points. Having gone through several role changes in an extremely short time, Darren’s help and advice has been instrumental for me to manage the changes and recognize how I best can succeed in a very quickly changing environment.

I definitely would recommend Darren to leaders at all levels for guidance on fine-tuning their leadership skills.